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Here at Global Real Estate and Trading (G.R.E.A.T.) we believe land is the best and safest long term asset. It offers strong and diverse opportunities which are now available to all kinds of individuals and businesses.


We only offer proposals that meet our exacting criteria and we are committed to bringing the best opportunities to a wider market. Because we are totally independent, we do not rely on any third party intervention due to our decades of experience in land and property sales. Our aim is to bring the best opportunities in real estate to private individuals.




The problem is serious and the statistics make frightening reading. Need outstrips demand year on year and whoever forms the next government has a major responsibility . As far back as 2006 the Adam Smith Institute were advocating the abolishment of the present system to replace it with a fairer, free market system based on need. This has already belatedly begun but is only bearing small fruit at the moment.


Around 50% of approvals for building are on greenfield land. Brownfield sites are often in places where people do not want to live and have many problems based on their history, previous use and location. We don't need just apartments and flats; we need family homes. This is where the major shortage is today. Affordable homes for people to get on the property ladder is one of the best ways to create sustainable growth in our economy.





If you purchase land in strategically relevant locations targeted for future development, the prospects are excellent. Future need is already established but targeting the best and most desirable areas is fundamental to strong returns. This is central to our present and future success.



Much of our land has been owned for over a decade or more allowing for changes to policy and other proposals fated to reach fruition to do so before us. Our land in Milton Keynes is the perfect point in question.


Originally purchased in 2005, the site has organically reached the point to take it forward. In 2015 the site next to ours was finally moved from strategic reserve to domestic building permission; and is now being developed. This now gives us town centre access even though we had our own highway arrangements elsewhere on the site. This was the final piece of the strategy giving us the impetus to move things forward.


This is what we mean by timing. This has taken longer than anticipated due to politics and of course a recession, but we knew we were in the right place. Sometimes things take a little longer. It's the nature of the business.

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For the protection of all our clients we operate a money laundering reporting procedure in accordance with the 2003 Money Laundering Act. We shall require proof of identity where we receive money from you or from somebody on your behalf, or otherwise in the course of acting for you and in appropriate circumstances, evidence of the source of such money. In certain circumstances information will be revealed by us to the appropriate authorities in relation to any suspicion of money laundering.


Global Real Estate and Trading is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority or any other regulatory body. Global Real Estate and Trading is not authorised to give investment advice or offer regulated investments to the public. Global Real Estate and Trading offer parcels of land for sale to individuals. Global Real Estate and Trading does not have any role in pursuing planning permission, or managing the land once it has been sold and as such, this is not to be viewed as a collective investment scheme.

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